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The Customer Centric Index pop-up Generator helps you to create your own personalized pop-up script. You can change the preferences of the Pop-up and generate your script. The script is hosted on a secure Dutch server (99,9% uptime) via Publish the script via your Tag Manager, Content Management System or hard-coded in your HTML. Invite Visitors to participate in our Help-section.

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Load this script into your Website, App or Intranet. You can add the script hard-coded, or use your prefered Tag Management Software or Content Management System. Learn more

Although we've put a lot of effort into optimizing this script, we can not guarantee the correct working of the script. This script uses the Javascript Jquery-library 1.11 and Pop-up plugin. Always test the script on your staging environment before publishing it on your Website or Application and/or consult your IT-department for more information. Use this script at your own risk.